Top Ten challenges facing Ecommerce Entrepreneurs in 2023

Rob Buchel


April 17, 2023

The Client Experience

A successful e Commerce website depends on the user or customer experience. Customers anticipate a comparable, if not identical, shopping experience to that which they would have at a physical store. The website’s navigation, segmentation, and retail customisation of products depending on customer preferences are crucial.

The user experience can be enhanced in a number of ways. The most crucial thing would be to have a clear and straightforward website that customers can easily navigate. Next, make sure your call to actions (CTAs) are crystal clear so that the customer understands exactly what to do.

Client Loyalty

The following two facts demonstrate the significance of client loyalty:

  1. A new client’s acquisition can be up to five times more expensive than keeping an existing one.
  2. Selling existing customers has a success rate of 60–70% compared to only 2–20% for new customers.

This demonstrates how crucial customer loyalty or retention is. A shop must make sure to retain a consumer for life.But how is that even conceivable?


These are some of the several techniques that can be utilised to keep consumers. The first would be to provide top-notch customer service; while customers are thrilled to have found a terrific product, they are overjoyed when the latter is impeccable. The last step is to communicate with the client in a way that they prefer, whether it be by email, SMS, or blog postings. Be sure to figure out what approach your consumer prefers. As a reward for being such devoted clients, inform them of new products, promotional events, and exclusive coupon codes.

Making Purchasers Into Paying Clients

Converting website visitors into paying clients is one of the toughest issues in e-commerce. Even if an e Commerce website receives a lot of traffic, clicks, and impressions, they may not be making the number of sales they had hoped for. How could they increase sales?


First and foremost, figure out why your customers aren’t converting. Are you marketing to the proper group of people? Does your mobile website operate without a hitch? Do you frequently have technical issues with your online platforms? Does your clientele have faith in you? Do you make your website unique for each visitor? Consider your consumers as shoppers all the time to determine if you are doing everything in your power to convert them into paying customers. Did you know that consumers who return spend 300% more than those who don’t? How then can you provide experiences that draw clients back time and time again? Learn more by clicking here.

Cost and Shipping

Everyone has heard of customers who favour making purchases from retailers that provide free shipping. e Commerce behemoths like Amazon provide such alluring delivery prices that customers seldom ever bother to look elsewhere. How can shipping expenses be decreased?
While shipping expenses cannot be entirely eliminated from e Commerce sites, you should always look for solutions that will appeal to your target audience. Would the price of shipping go down with a subscription? Would they pay less for shipping at a particular time of the month? Or is there a reputable carrier that charges less money?

Policies for Product Returns and Refunds

More than 60% of online customers claim to check a retailer’s return policy before making a purchase. A customer becomes uneasy and is less inclined to trust the company when an e Commerce site states that there are “no returns or refunds.” Customers desire the freedom to make mistakes while shopping online that won’t cost them money.

Customer happiness is the first consideration for any retailer. Because of this, having a lenient return and refund policy not only promotes customer happiness but also encourages customers to make purchases without fear.

Choosing the Best Partners and Technology to Address Your eCommerce Challenges

Your firm will succeed or fail depending on the technology or partner you select. A retailer’s development can be constrained by their technology or because they choose the incorrect partner to assist them with project management.


Nothing has accelerated e Commerce as much as the circumstances in 2022. Even though there have been many exciting and constructive improvements, some online firms continue to face difficulties as a result of e Commerce. A solid technological basis with a solid Tech Partner like B2Bwebsites is essential.

Using Omnichannel

Your ability to sell your goods through a variety of channels, in partcular Apps allows you to raise both your overall revenue and Average Order Value (AOV). Multiple channel shoppers are more likely to spend three times as much as the typical customer.

Identify the top-performing platforms, invest and optimise them for your clients using the data you obtain from the many channels you use to conduct business.

Shopper Savvy

How quickly can you launch new features, publish, and promote new content? You must have an agile business model due to the quick development of e-commerce. For e Commerce businesses to survive and thrive they need give consumers the greatest user experience possible.

This is more of a process than a solution, so make sure your team is flexible and has procedures in place to cope with both internal and external changes.

Expectations of the Client

As a result of the introduction of new technologies and exposure to a wide range of products and services, modern customers are now more knowledgeable and aware than ever before. The modern customer is always on the search for improved experiences and has high expectations for the goods and services they pay for.

A current web design trend is necessary if you want to find a solution for your e-commerce organisation. You need to identify and assist in making the changes that your firm needs to make by analysing existing trends.

How the elements are placed on your page

It may seem odd, but the layout and positioning of key website components like the navigation bar and tabs have a big impact on your conversion rates and revenue because your user interface affects how users interact with your site. Visitors are often sceptical of websites that are difficult to use.


Constantly enhance your user interface design, run A/B testing to determine which designs work best with your audience, and remove any unneeded obstacles that prevent users from fully interacting with your website.

Rob Buchel

about the author

Rob is the founder and Client Experience Officer at B2B Websites. Rob built his own 1st website back in 1996, shortly after graduating with his MBA. Today Rob leads a skilled team of designers and developers working across all platforms. Rob is an active BNI member & Ambassador, QRRA referee, husband, and father.‍


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